High Speed Camera System

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1280 x 1024 up to 2,000 frames per second (fps)
62 x 62 x 65mm, 400g
HyGe for on-board use (150G, 11ms)

Memrecam Q Series Features

CMOS Sensor
1280 X 1024 @ 2000fps
all Active Pixels

Bit Depth
12/10/8-bit (selectable)

Adjustable Electronic Shutter
down to < 1μs

Small Footprint
62mm x 62mm x 65mm, 400g

Shock Proof (HyGe)
150G for 11ms

Integrated "G" sensor
For Backup Triggering

2/3" c-mount
compatible with most lenses without vignette

Memory Backup Battery
Protect images in case of power loss

Emergency Data Recovery
via SD Card

Integrated Sync - IRIG-B and 1kHz
High resolution timing and sync to < 50ns

High Light Sensitivity
Q1m : ISO 2000 (colour) ISO 8,000 (mono)
Q1v : ISO 8000 (colour) ISO 32,000 (mono)

Power Input 20-32V DC

Power Consumption 20W

► Datenblatt Memrecam Q1m

► FTP-Site