Ultraviolett-Bildverstärker und
UVi 1850 Series

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18mm Format
High Speed Video Camera Intensifier

UVi 1850 Series Features

UVi 1850 Series Camera Intensifier

18mm Output Diameter

Ultra Fast Shutter Speeds

Customized for UV to Near IR Imaging

Superior Gain Boosting Performance

Optimized for Digital High Speed Video Cameras

UV to NIR spectral respons
Fast Gating to 5ns

High Gain/Sensitivity

Frames rates to > 1,000,000 fps with HSV

Up to 20,000,000 fps in burst mode

Integral control panel and external USB control

Exceptional resolution

Choice of optimized photocathodes & phosphors

► Datenblatt UVi 1850

► FTP-Site